Friday, March 15, 2013

golden rose jolly jewels 123

Hey everyone!
As you know, I'm a huge fan of the Jolly Jewels collection by Golden Rose and I already showed you seven polishes that I liked and bought. A couple of weeks back, Golden Rose released six new glittery shades for this collection and I couldn't wait until they got in the stores here.
I only bought one so far, because I was in a hurry and couldn't take a closer look at the others, but this one definitely caught my eye.

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 123 is a glittery mix consisted of medium sized hexagons in black and white, small round white glitter and small square silver glitter (though the silver is barely noticeable, so you don't have to worry about it). It spreads really nicely, much like the others from this collection. The glitter is suspended in a clear base, so you can layer it on absolutely anything. Pictured below is one coat of Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 123 over a purple polish.

I adore it and it's definitely one of my favorites from this collection. I applied two coats of top coat, even though it's not too gritty.

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  1. great shade! i have something similar with black &silver shimmer

  2. Cute! I love black & white glitters, but I think my favorite so far is Sticks and Stones. :)

    1. Sticks and Stones is really beautiful! I think this one is a great choice for the ones that can't afford indie polishes :)


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