Friday, March 8, 2013

pastel watercolors

Hey everyone!
Today I have a very spring-ish manicure to show you.
I have seen a bunch of similar manicures that involved either polish mixed with a bit of acetone or watercolors, but since I thought the first kind is too time consuming and I couldn't find my watercolors I decided to make my acrylic colors really thin and paint with them :)

I painted all of my nails with BK 16, white matte polish. I believe that a matte polish will work better for this kind of manicure. Next, I mixed a bunch of pastel shades and made them really thin. I applied the colors one by one letting them dry thoroughly. After I finished all of my nails I added a thicker top coat and made the surface smooth and shiny.

I wanted to stamp something on top of them, but I washed my hair and one of the nails chipped :(

Thanks for reading!

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