Tuesday, March 5, 2013

whites: swatches & stamping test

Hey everyone!
A couple of days ago I received a white nail polish I ordered on eBay and I was so impressed by it I decided to do a comparison between that one and another white that I was currently using.

S-he Stylezone 115 (shown on index and ring finger) is a white creme polish. It's nice and creamy, but pretty streaky. I normally use Golden Rose Paris 04 as a white polish, but unfortunately I couldn't find it last time I went to the store and I wanted to try another polish. 115 is opaque in 2 coats, but takes forever to dry. Not the best white polish I've used. 

BK 16 (shown on middle and pinky finger) is a white matte polish. It has a pretty thick formula, but the application is still manageable, though I might experience some problems when the polish gets a bit dry. It's opaque in a single coat and dries pretty fast.

I figured that BK 16's formula would be great for stamping, so normally I did a stamping test. Here are the results.

I figured that the ultimate test would be stamping over black. As you can see from the photo S-he Stylezone 115 (index, ring) turns out pretty washed out. All of the white polishes that I've used for stamping so far gave similar results to this one (though Golden Rose Paris 04 is less washed out than this one). BK 16 looked amazing on top of the black and the pink. I think that the results might be as good as with the Konad stamping polish, which I don't own since it's pretty expensive compared to the BK 16.

I absolutely recommend this polish, especially for stamping.
I bought mine on eBay for $2.82 + free shipping.

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  1. And what about manicure? What's wrong with your cuticle? Don't you want to moisture and nourish it? Stamping is good.

    1. I always nourish my cuticles, but I have rather complicated skin - my cuticles are pretty horrible when they come into contact with any kind of nail polish remover and basically no hand cream/balm helps. I do put cuticle oil which makes the condition better, but they can look quite devastating sometimes...


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