Saturday, April 20, 2013

party on my nails

Hey everyone!
I can't believe that I haven't posted for 20 days. I feel pretty bad, but it is what it is. My midterms went pretty good and the results are awesome, so it wasn't all for nothing :)
The midterms actually lasted only a week, but I neglected my nails and they started to break a lot, so I cut them completely. Now they're pretty short, but I managed to get them in their previous shape, more or less.

I had some time on my hands today, so I decided to make these glittery border nails. I'm absolutely in love with the border nails trend and for some reason I haven't done a single manicure using that technique.

I painted all of my nails black and made the border with small silver hexagons, which are also holographic. Unfortunately, I failed to capture the real beauty of it, because the top coat I used gave the entire manicure a grey-ish tint and made it sort of dull. Well, that's another top coat going in the trash...

I love it when you use a glitter polish and it spreads randomly. But what I love even more is when you put it one by one, very carefully, so you get a nice order in the end.
I feel like experimenting lately, so you can expect more manicures like this one.

Thanks for reading :)

p.s. I changed the background of the blog. I made the pattern myself and I really wanted a turquoise background, so there it is :D

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