Friday, May 10, 2013

sparkled gradient

Hey everyone!
During the last winter I bought one of Essence's glitter froster from the Crystalliced collection called Frosted Champaign. I wore it at New Year's and almost completely forgot about it. Until yesterday...
I used it to make a really sparkly gradient. Here's how that turned out.

I used Rimmel London Deliciously Dark as a base. After I applied the second coat, I waited a bit for it to dry, but I didn't let it dry completely. I picked up the fluffiest brush I had and applied the pigment really carefully. I didn't need to mix it with top coat or glue, it simply stuck to the nails. I really liked the outcome, even though it was pretty subtle. 
I finished it off with a coat of Rimmel London Clearly Clear, so that the shimmer wouldn't wipe off.

Thanks for reading!

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