Saturday, June 15, 2013

opi here today...aragon tomorrow

Hey everyone!
Long time, no see. It's been almost a month since I wrote a blog post. I'm going to keep it short and do a straight up apology. I'm one exam away from finishing my first year of engineering and I feel kind of exhausted. Things have been hectic lately with midterms, finals and whatnot. I also got a part-time job, because I needed some money to buy more polishes ;) All in all, I had absolutely zero free time.

Not so long ago, I bought my first ever OPI nail polish. They brought OPI in some local stores, but I found cheaper ones online, so naturally I had to order one. I chose Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow because of my never-ending dark green polish search. For once, I was not disappointed.
I really liked the brush, it's really nice and wide. The consistency of the polish was perfect and the drying time was average. The polish is opaque in one to two coats, depending on the thickness. The shade is a beautiful forest green with tons of micro shimmer particles, that are barely visible.

I felt like I should bring it to another level, so I added one coat of THREE different kinds of flakies. The result - pure awesomeness! See for yourselves :)

I can wait to purchase more OPI shades, because I think that it's really worth every penny :)

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I'll probably take the photos under an artificial light from now on. The sun is kind of messing with us lately and it's very unpredictable and with a lamp I'll always have the same lighting conditions.

Thanks for reading!

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