Thursday, July 11, 2013

golden rose holiday 63

Hey everyone!
Not so long ago Golden Rose created a new collection that they decided to call "Holiday" and it's consisted of 17 shades of textured polishes. Some of them are glittery and the others are plain colors, but all of them are equally stunning. I only bought one, just to try it out and I loved it and now I have a wishlist of five other shades :) Here are my impressions of the polish.

Golden Rose Holiday 63 is a baby pink textured polish with a bunch of iridescent particles that mainly have a light blue sheen (in the shade they look kind of red-ish). Just like all the other textured polishes, it dries matte and the surface is rough. The effect can't be really seen with only one coat and it's kind of sheer, so I'd advise at least 2 coats. It dries very fast and it was surprisingly long lasting. It lasted around 5 days with no base coat, which is a lot considering the fact it's a matte/textured polish.

I thought that the removal would be hard, like with glitter polishes, but it's really easy and the polish comes off just like regular polish.You're not supposed to add top coat. That way you lose the textured look, but I did it just to show you how it'd look. I didn't like the way it looked with top coat, because you need at least 2 coats of a thick top coat (like Seche Vite) to smooth it out completely. The shimmer is visible even without the top coat, but can't be seen on the photo above due to the angle of my hand.

What do you think about textured polishes? Love them or hate them?

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I think this one looks fabulous both with and without topcoat. Very pretty.

  2. I have it too and I love it! :)

  3. I love that tiny blue shimmer. Perfect


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