Friday, August 23, 2013

born pretty store surprise bags

Hey everyone!
Around three weeks or so, BornPrettyStore came up with a cool concept for the shop and created "goodie bags" which they decided to call Surprise Bags. As soon as I read the announcement on Facebook, I went ahead and purchased three Surprise Bags (and later on three additional, but I will write a post when those arrive). It's very simple and interesting, especially if you want to try out some of their products and see the quality. Basically, for $0.99 you get a Surprise Bag with three nail art products. For me, it seemed like a great opportunity to try out some of their cute stickers.

They came packaged in a transparent foil bag and each bag contained three products, just as described.

Surprise bag 1

The most unique of the three (though, I'm not sure if I should call it unique, since it did have a sticker sheet that all others had, too).

The first products is a sheet with black lace stickers. This is the most interesting products that I got.

The second products is a sheet with gold Chanel and Dior logos. This is the products that was in all three bags. I'm not sure, but the stickers look like they are water decals. I haven't tried them out, yet.

The third and final products from this bag is an electric blue striping tape.

Surprise bags 2 and 3

Unfortunately, I received two exact bags. This is when I really got disappointed, because a week after I ordered my first three bags, I ordered additional three. I hope that I will get other products to try out.

Product no.1 is a sheet of Hello Kitty glittery stickers. I know that some grown up girls wear Hello Kitty and I find her cute, too, but these stickers seemed like they are meant for little girls, so I'll probably give one to my 5 year old cousin and use the other one for reviewing purposes.

Again, the Chanel and Dior water decals.

And, finally, a magenta striping tape.

Here's a photo and a list of everything I got in my three Surprise Bags.

• 1 x black lace stickers
• 2 x Hello Kitty stickers
• 3 x Chanel and Dior water decals
• 2 x magenta striping tape
• 1 x electric blue striping tape

Overall, I'm kind of disappointed with the products, but you know what they say - you get what you pay for. Considering the price, the products aren't that bad, but what makes me tell you not to buy the Surprise Bags is that, instead of adding some of their bestselling products, BPS seems to give the products that no one seems to be purchasing from the store. Technically, I got 5 unique products instead of 9.
I'm not going to persuade anyone not to buy the products. Try your luck, maybe you won't get as disappointed as me.
I'll wait for the other three bags that I ordered and then I'll write my final thoughts about the Surprise Bags.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I only like the lace stickers and the blue striping tape.


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