Tuesday, August 13, 2013

cherry blossom

Hey everyone!
This is post no.2 from my mini-series of manicures that are inspired by some of my clothes. 

I chose to base this manicure on one of my absolute favorite t-shirts ever. The inspiration is a really beautiful neutral-toned floral top (pictured at the end of the post). 

I didn't use the exact same colors as the top, but I stayed as close as possible. 
First a little disclaimer, I'm not really sure if the flowers on the top are actually cherry blossom, because it looks like they are, but there are some palm tree-like leaves that confuse me.
Anyway, I painted a nude base on every nail. I used a little bit of coral-ish acrylic to make the base of the flowers. The next step was adding a bit of accent with yellow on each leaf of the flowers and then a couple of white dots. The last step was painting the branches using brown acrylic paint.

I placed the flowers as random as possible on each nail.
Here's the photo of my inspiration. I wanted to incorporate the birds as well, but I realised that it would just be too much on my short nails.

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