Thursday, August 15, 2013

dark floral

Hey everyone!
This is the last post of the mini-series inspired by my clothes. There will be two more posts while I'm on vacation and when I'm back I have planned a couple of make up reviews, manicures and maybe even a vacation pics post.

This manicure is inspired by one of my floral summer dresses. I knew that I had to make a manicure inspired by this dress, not because it's my favorite or because I wear it so much (because I really don't, I have only worn it twice), but because I bought it because of the pattern.

I used a dark navy blue base. I painted a really light pink, almost white base for the flowers using acrylic paint. I mixed a slightly darker pink and went over the light pink base, leaving just a bit of it at the very ends. The next layer was the darkest pink, with little to no white in it. I painted over and, again, I left the ends intact. The final pink layer is with the light pink that I used as a base and I just dabbed it in the center of each flower. The last step is adding a couple of black dots in the centers.

I thought it would look much better with a matte top coat. I liked it better than the shiny version, but my matte top coat made streaks all over the manicure :(

Here's the inspiration for this manicure.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Very interesting way of representing flower motives on nails, but easy to do on a lazy morning.

    Thank you for giving such a good idea to us!


  2. These look so good, does the acrylic paint come off the nails easily?? x


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