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july nail art challenge recap

Hey everyone!
Some of you that follow me on Instagram probably know that I did a July Nail Art Challenge created by @californails. She makes a list of themes every month, so if you want to challenge yourself, check out her profile and start painting nails :)
I decided to post all of the nails I did for the challenge, as a recap post. Unfortunately, my nails were breaking a lot and my cuticles looked horrible and I didn't want to take photos with my dSLR with terrible nails, so I only have phone camera quality photos (with Instagram filters, so don't expect too much quality-wise). Above each photo is the theme of the challenge and below is info about the manicure, such as used polishes, what I did to create it etc.

01. Pastel

Horrible tiny nails, yikes! Anyway, I was very lucky with this theme because I had just bought Essence Grunge Me Tender! and Golden Rose Holiday 63 and I accidentally swatched them one next to the other on my nail wheel. I loved the combo, so I decided to use it for this theme. I applied a white base, waited a couple of minutes for it to dry, added diagonal stripes on every nail, except the middle one and I painted the upper part mint green and the bottom part baby pink. For the middle finger, I just made a chevron with the striping tape and painted it the same as the others. No top coat for this manicure, because the mint green is suede and the pink is textured.

I don't usually match my nails to my outfit, but this time I had to. For my thumb and ring finger, I used a white base, waited a couple of minutes for it to dry and I taped horizontal stripes. Then, using Golden Rose Paris 134 (which sadly is almost empty) I painted all over the finger. I tried not to make it even, because the grey part on my shirt looks like it's made from several different shades of grey. I removed the tape and added top coat. The rest of the nails were painted with Avon Coral Bikini.

My first ever drippy manicure. Actually, I did one before, but it was a long time ago and it wasn't supposed to look like ice cream. I must be honest with you guys, I had absolutely no idea how to make drippy manicures. I have tried it thousands of times and failed. I practiced a lot before I did this manicure and I'm very proud of it. All of the nails are different because I wanted to show different combinations of flavors and toppings. Let's start with the thumb. The thumb is supposed to be vanilla (Rimmel London Alaska) ice cream with raspberry syrup, though the syrup did turn out a bit pale. The index is pistachio (Deborah Milano Pistache Green) and caramel. The middle one is banana (Maybelline Urban Lemon) and chocolate. The ring finger is orange (Seventeen Supreme 23) and white chocolate and the pinky is strawberry (P2 Being In Heaven) with strawberry. Yes, double strawberry. All of the toppings were made with acrylic paint.

For this manicure I used Deborah Milano I Am Your Mermaid as a base for all of the nails. On my ring finger and thumb I painted a couple of starfishes using acrylic paint. I added a couple of white dots on the starfishes and on the rest of my nails. I finished the rest of the nails with a bit of blue, randomly placed glitter. 

I'm not sure if my nails were supposed to be even more simplistic, but I love them as they are. I used China Glaze For Audrey as the base and waited for it to dry. I made little triangles using tape on each of my nails and sponged a gradient using Essie Smooth Sailing and BK 16. I didn't expect for them to turn out looking like litte mountains, but they did. I'm going to try this during the winter, as well.
p.s. Pardon the horrible skin tone, it looked better on my phone's screen.

16. Glitter

I think that I messed this one up. Glitter is s beautiful and I could have made something looking way better. I used Avon Smoky Plumes as a base, then layered a coat of Essence Circus Confetti and Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 123, followed by two coats of Seche Vite. Oh, and I used a peel off base. My nails were three times their usual thickness. Nope.

One of my favorite manicures of all times. I wear polka dots like crazy, because they just look good on any nails. I used China Glaze For Audrey as a base (again) and made the polka dots with pink glitter. So cute!
p.s. Notice how my cuticles look way better than before. I'm currently half way through the 24h Hand Protection Balm Repair and it's amazing!

22. Lemonade

This was a really fun and summer-y manicure. I used Maybelline Urban Lemon as a base for every nail, except the ring finger and thumb. On the yellow nails I added lemon fimo cane and on the white ones I stamped the lemon image from BM-308 using the same yellow polish.

25. Swatch

This wasn't a particularly tough challenge. I was wearing Golden Rose Holiday 61 on my nails and took a photo of it :)

I wasn't too sure which color is my favorite, because that changes depending on my mood. I felt like wearing turquoise that day, so I added Golden Rose Paris 217.

31. Animal

Unfortunately, I didn't do the last manicure, because I wasn't feeling good :(

Thanks for reading! :)

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