Wednesday, September 11, 2013

gosh cobalt blue

Hey everyone!
A while back when I posted about Golden Rose Holiday 61 - electric blue textured polish I said that I would find a similar shade of a regular polish and I'm so glad to say that my "mission" was completed. Around a week ago dm had a sale on the GOSH polishes and I grabbed one.

GOSH Cobalt Blue is an electric blue polish with a jelly finish. Though it's not as sheer as some jellies I have, two coats are nowhere near full coverage. I'm guessing that three will do just fine. I'm pretty disappointed with this polish. I kind of expected better quality considering the fact that these aren't the cheapest polishes ever. I'm going to start with my biggest problem which is the smell. The smell is very weird, nothing like any other polish that I've used (even some Chinese brands that can smell horrible). I've worn this polish twice and the smell gave me a headache both times. The next thing that I didn't like was the huge wonky brush. It makes the polish very hard to apply, even though the formula is near perfect (at least for me). It looks like they tried to make a nice wide brush, but they failed miserably. Maybe mine happened to be a faulty bottle and, honestly, I hope so, because they are way too expensive (considering the amount) to have this many flaws.

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  1. I have this nail polish too and I adore it :). My brush is good and it smeles like any regular nail polish :)

    1. Really? I guess my bottle is faulty. Who knows, maybe that's why they were on sale ;)


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