Friday, November 15, 2013

review: water decals from kkcenterhk

Hey everyone! 
 Midterms are finally over and I can get to blogging again! 
 What I have for you today is a short review about water decals I got from KKCenterHK a couple of days ago.

 Just like any other KKCenterHK product, they came in a small zip lock bag. The sheet of decals has 6 different stripes with patterns. You can cut the stripes however you want. For this look I decided to follow the hexagonal shape of the pattern and created different shapes. What I didn’t read in the description on the website is that the white parts are visible, but it looked pretty good anyway. 

 They are very easy to use. Just cut the desired shape and either submerge it in a small cup of water or place it on a wet towel. The design will come off very easily within a couple of seconds. The positive side about these decals is that you have a few seconds to position the decal without it sticking too much. But, you have to be careful with these kinds of decals as they can be a bit thinner than usual. Since they are that thin, they are barely visible on the nail and you don't even need top coat to cover their edges. 

 Here are all of the designs that you get from this sheet. They are very cool and I can't wait to use them again. 

 You can get these water decals here for $5.75. My overall opinion is that they are very easy to use, you get plenty of designs to choose from and they don't look cheap on the nail. I didn't have any problems with them and I'd recommend that you try them out. 

You can get 10% off your order over at KKCenterHK using the code: "iloveprettycolours".

KKcenterhk125x125jpg banner

The product was sent to me for review. However, my opinion is 100% honest and is not affected by this.


  1. Very cool pattern of those stickers :)

  2. super naljepnice, sviđaju mi se... nokti ti krasno izgledaju :D


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