Friday, January 31, 2014

the new year's gift

Hey everyone!
I was thinking to myself today "Well, I should totally show the nail polishes I got for New Year's" and then I looked at the calendar and realized that New Year's was a month ago. What?! When did that happen?

Anyway, every year me and my friends are doing a Secret Santa and my Secret Santa got me five awesome nail polishes :)

Classics 147 is actually my favorite of them all. It's a really nice dark raspberry shade filled with shimmer and red glitter. The glitter is very sparse and subtle when applied on the nail, which is great, because I think that otherwise it would be overwhelming. Application wise, these polishes aren't the best due to the thin brush that they have. I added only two coats for the photo, as I always do.

Classics 150 is a peachy shimmery neutral polish that's semi-opaque in two coats. It looked a bit pearly/frosty in the bottle, but the shimmer kind of lined up nicely on the nail and didn't turn out to be a streaky mess. It has a golden sheen which is very, very subtle, but makes the nails look really healthy.

The nail polish that excited me the most is Classics 171. It's a lavender-ish purple polish that has a blue sheen and holographic glitter. I still can't stop looking at it. It has a very beautiful appearance that reminds me of mermaids and unicorns and magical stuff, but... It looks nothing like it on the nail. As a matter of fact, I knew what to expect and still had some hope that it'd turn out differently :)

Classics 196 is a silvery dark blue polish with loads of shimmer in it. Again, I thought it would be really streaky, but it proved me otherwise. I had some problems with the application, just like the rest of the polishes. Opaque in 2 coats.

And the last polish for today is Classics 211. It's a really gorgeous shimmery light grey with a warm undertone. I do not own anything like it and I can see myself wearing it a lot :) I used two coats for the photo hence the visible nail line. I'll probably wear 3 coats in the future.

Thanks for reading guys! :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

splattered aquarelle

Hey everyone!
A couple of days ago I got myself a box of watercolors because I wanted to paint inside some doodles that I have. I remembered that someone did their nails with watercolors, so I couldn't wait to try it out myself. I already did a watercolor effect using acrylic paint. 

I painted my nails with a white matte base. I think that it's better to use a matte base instead of shiny because the watercolor sticks better to it. I used a blue, green and yellow watercolor and made the background. It looked really nice as it was, but I wanted to make it more wearable by stamping a splattered design from the plate BM-416 using the same white polish that I used for the base.

It's crucial that you put a thick and long lasting top coat afterwards, otherwise the design will wash off really fast.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

mirrored triangles

Hey everyone!
Back in 2013 I got some lovely water decals from KKCenterHK which I showed you here. I decided to use them again to create this lovely mirrored mani.

The photo is a bit blurry because the camera gets pretty weird around brighter colors and can't really focus too good. I cut the triangle shape from the decal sheet and applied it over my completely dried base color. Since the nails are curved you'll probably have to cut tiny pieces of the base of the triangle to make it fit perfectly.

I used OPI Suzi's Hungary Again from the Euro Centrale collection. I haven't bought a nice pink in a while and this was a great addition to my collection of polishes. It applies like a dream and dries really shiny. It's a medium pink shade and at first I thought it was a creme, but under very bright light it has really subtle shimmer that's pretty much invisible on the nail. It's opaque in 2 coats and like I already mentioned the application wasn't hard at all.
I don't wear pink polish a lot even though I have more than enough pinks in my collection, but I can see myself wearing this more than once :)

 You can get these water decals here for $5.75. And don't forget to use my coupon code "iloveprettycolours" (without quotation marks) to get 10% off your order.

KKcenterhk125x125jpg banner

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 favorites

Hey everyone!
Time for the yearly favorites. I didn't but as many polishes as last year, but at least I chose them more wisely and I love them and use them regularly.

Favorite red: Aura Fight Your Way Back
 This polish didn't really impress me in the bottle, but when applied it really shows its beauty. I wore it on many occasions and I loved it more each time.
Original post - here.

Favorite pink: Aura Spring Ball
Aura had some big winners for me this year and this polish was no different. I loved the color, the formula and everything else about it.
Original post - here.

Favorite yellow: Manhattan 21G
This is actually the only one yellow polish that I got in 2013, but I'm not posting it because of that. I wanted a pastel yellow for so long and this is the perfect shade for my skintone. The only downside - really bad application.
Original post - here.

Favorite green: Born Pretty Holo 12
This was a real winner from BornPrettyStore for 2013. They made their own nail polish collection that won over many hearts, including mine.
Original post - here.

Favorite blue: China Glaze For Audrey
I probably got boring with For Audrey already, but I really can't stop loving it. I emptied almost half the bottle already and that never happens :)
Original post - here.

Favorite purple: Golden Rose Carnival 11
I bought many purple nail polishes this year, but I chose this one because it's a really nice polish overall. It may not look too unique, but believe me, it is.
Original post - here.

Favorite neutral: Essence Cookies & Cream
I wore this nail polish every single time I didn't feel like wearing a strong color, yet I felt my nails were to "naked". It has a nice golden shimmer, which makes the nails look really nice and healthy.
Original post - here.

Favorite white: BK 16
I chose this plain white polish over any other because it's an absolute winner when it comes to stamping. I own a lot of stamping plates and I never wanted to stamp using white just because I couldn't find a suitable (cheap) version of Konad's White stampingp polish.
Original post - here.

Favorite silver: Flormar 392
I don't really have a proper swatch of this polish for some reason. A beautiful holographic glitter topper that you can put on any color and get away with it :)
Original post - here.

Favorite black: Essence Black To The Roots
Even though it looks a bit grey, just because of the name I'll put it in this category. I didn't wear much black this year, but I really liked the simplicity of this polish.
Original post - here.

Favorite special effect polish: Golden Rose Holiday 58
2013 was the year of textured polishes. Unlike many other trends, I fell in love with this one and bought tons of textured polishes, but this particular one was an absolute winner. I think you will agree with me.
Original post - here.

These were my 2013 favorites. I skipped a few colors because I either didn't buy any polish of that color or I thought it wasn't good enough to declare it a favorite.
Thanks for reading!