Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 favorites

Hey everyone!
Time for the yearly favorites. I didn't but as many polishes as last year, but at least I chose them more wisely and I love them and use them regularly.

Favorite red: Aura Fight Your Way Back
 This polish didn't really impress me in the bottle, but when applied it really shows its beauty. I wore it on many occasions and I loved it more each time.
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Favorite pink: Aura Spring Ball
Aura had some big winners for me this year and this polish was no different. I loved the color, the formula and everything else about it.
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Favorite yellow: Manhattan 21G
This is actually the only one yellow polish that I got in 2013, but I'm not posting it because of that. I wanted a pastel yellow for so long and this is the perfect shade for my skintone. The only downside - really bad application.
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Favorite green: Born Pretty Holo 12
This was a real winner from BornPrettyStore for 2013. They made their own nail polish collection that won over many hearts, including mine.
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Favorite blue: China Glaze For Audrey
I probably got boring with For Audrey already, but I really can't stop loving it. I emptied almost half the bottle already and that never happens :)
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Favorite purple: Golden Rose Carnival 11
I bought many purple nail polishes this year, but I chose this one because it's a really nice polish overall. It may not look too unique, but believe me, it is.
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Favorite neutral: Essence Cookies & Cream
I wore this nail polish every single time I didn't feel like wearing a strong color, yet I felt my nails were to "naked". It has a nice golden shimmer, which makes the nails look really nice and healthy.
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Favorite white: BK 16
I chose this plain white polish over any other because it's an absolute winner when it comes to stamping. I own a lot of stamping plates and I never wanted to stamp using white just because I couldn't find a suitable (cheap) version of Konad's White stampingp polish.
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Favorite silver: Flormar 392
I don't really have a proper swatch of this polish for some reason. A beautiful holographic glitter topper that you can put on any color and get away with it :)
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Favorite black: Essence Black To The Roots
Even though it looks a bit grey, just because of the name I'll put it in this category. I didn't wear much black this year, but I really liked the simplicity of this polish.
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Favorite special effect polish: Golden Rose Holiday 58
2013 was the year of textured polishes. Unlike many other trends, I fell in love with this one and bought tons of textured polishes, but this particular one was an absolute winner. I think you will agree with me.
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These were my 2013 favorites. I skipped a few colors because I either didn't buy any polish of that color or I thought it wasn't good enough to declare it a favorite.
Thanks for reading!

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