Friday, January 31, 2014

the new year's gift

Hey everyone!
I was thinking to myself today "Well, I should totally show the nail polishes I got for New Year's" and then I looked at the calendar and realized that New Year's was a month ago. What?! When did that happen?

Anyway, every year me and my friends are doing a Secret Santa and my Secret Santa got me five awesome nail polishes :)

Classics 147 is actually my favorite of them all. It's a really nice dark raspberry shade filled with shimmer and red glitter. The glitter is very sparse and subtle when applied on the nail, which is great, because I think that otherwise it would be overwhelming. Application wise, these polishes aren't the best due to the thin brush that they have. I added only two coats for the photo, as I always do.

Classics 150 is a peachy shimmery neutral polish that's semi-opaque in two coats. It looked a bit pearly/frosty in the bottle, but the shimmer kind of lined up nicely on the nail and didn't turn out to be a streaky mess. It has a golden sheen which is very, very subtle, but makes the nails look really healthy.

The nail polish that excited me the most is Classics 171. It's a lavender-ish purple polish that has a blue sheen and holographic glitter. I still can't stop looking at it. It has a very beautiful appearance that reminds me of mermaids and unicorns and magical stuff, but... It looks nothing like it on the nail. As a matter of fact, I knew what to expect and still had some hope that it'd turn out differently :)

Classics 196 is a silvery dark blue polish with loads of shimmer in it. Again, I thought it would be really streaky, but it proved me otherwise. I had some problems with the application, just like the rest of the polishes. Opaque in 2 coats.

And the last polish for today is Classics 211. It's a really gorgeous shimmery light grey with a warm undertone. I do not own anything like it and I can see myself wearing it a lot :) I used two coats for the photo hence the visible nail line. I'll probably wear 3 coats in the future.

Thanks for reading guys! :)

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