Tuesday, February 18, 2014

empties no.5

Hey everyone!
It's time for another post from the "Empties" series. These are one of my favorites to write and I can barely wait to finish even more products :) My last empties post was done in July, which I find hard to believe and I made a promise to myself to actually finish as many products as possible before purchasing new ones.

Blissfully Nourishing Hair Mask by Planet Spa (Avon)

I've already posted about one of Avon's hair masks and this one is no different the other. It has shea butter, which makes the hair silky smooth and makes brushing easier. What I love about the packaging is that you get absolutely no leftovers due to the plastic box instead of a tube. I'm not too fond of the scent. It smells nutty and buttery, but it's a bit too strong for my liking.

Mattifying Foundation by Avon

I bought this foundation in the color Nude, which is usually the color I go by when it comes to Avon's foundations. It turned out far too light for me, so bear in mind that the shades are different if you consider purchasing this foundation. I got it a long time ago and actually forgot that I had it, since I couldn't really use it, especially in the summer days when I tanned from the sun. I combined it with a darker mineral powder and that worked a bit better. Overall, I don't like this foundation at all. It stayed matte just for a couple of hours and it dried my skin way too much.

Spiced Orange & Ginger Shower Gel by Avon Naturals 

I got this shower gel in a set with body lotion and a body spray around Christmas time. The scent is very wintery and cozy and just lovely. I love orange scented stuff, especially those that aren't too sweet. The only "bad" thing that I will say about this is that there wasn't a larger bottle. I loved the fact that you could scent the spicyness after you took the shower, as many shower gels tend to fade away easily.

Fix & Matte Translucent Powder by Essence

I've had this translucent powder forever. I think that I used it every day for more than a year and I finally finished it. It makes the skin very smooth and silky after you apply it over your foundation. I have no negative things to say about this powder. I know that Essence made a new version, but I can't find it anywhere. I'm going to look for it again and hopefully I'll find it.

Superfine Eyeliner by Essence

When it comes to eyeliners, I'm more of a gel eyeliner fan, mainly because many eyeliners come with a huge, wonky brush that you have absolutely no control over. This was the case with the Superfine eyeliner from Essence. I just couldn't control the felt tip which was just way too long. The opacity was okay - nothing compared to gel eyeliners, but in 2 or 3 strokes you can get it right. Another thing that I'll mention is that my eyeliner got moudly. I'm not saying that this is Essence's fault, but there was a bunch of mould on the felt tip and that is how this eyeliner got its one way ticket to the trash.

Soft & Natural Foundation by Essence

This is the last product that I'll be writing about today. I got this foundation in the shade 02 Sand Beige. There were a couple of things that bothered me with this foundation. First of all, all of the colors have a weird orange undertone that I just couldn't fit with my complexion and this shade was the closest match. The foundation did stay on nicely, but it was too greasy for me. Even with the mattifying powder that I mentioned earlier, I couldn't make it work. The formula was weird. I couldn't blend it with anything - hands, foundation brush, make up sponge... Lastly, the sprout was too big and the formula a bit runny. There were many occasions when this foundation went to waste because I poured way too much on my hand. If it was up to me, I'd put this foundation in a bottle with a pump. I wouldn't use this foundation again, but that's just me :)

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