Saturday, April 5, 2014

march challenge: watercolor

Hey everyone!
March 28th's theme was Watercolor and if you've been reading my blog at least for a while you probably know that it's one of my all time favorite techniques, whether I do it by using sheer polishes, by diluting acrylics or simply by using actual watercolors on my nails.

I used Golden Rose Milky Way as a base and then slowly added in layers of blue and purple watercolor. You may notice that I mainly have the color on the center of the nails. That's because GR Milky Way is a very shiny color and the paint would just slip away towards the cuticles whenever I got closer. My watercolors stain the nails pretty bad and I decided to stay in the center. 
I normally use a matte white as a base - the colors will stick on it easier and create a distressed look, but my matte white thickened up way too much and now I just use it for stamping.

Thanks for reading, everyone! :)

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