Friday, July 25, 2014

duochrome stamping

Hey everyone!
I finally have an actual design to show you, along with a swatch.
Not too long ago I found a little shop here in Skopje that has some USA based nail brands such as Sinful Colors and I found a brand of polish that I haven't even heard of before - Fresh Cover.

Since the nail polish I used is duochrome, I figured it would look amazing on top of a black base. I used Golden Rose Matte 12 as my base color. I used two plates from Bundle Monster's CYO Set - BM-423 for every nail except the ring finger and BM-424 for the ring finger. The image on the ring finger is actually a butterfly wing, but my nails are way too short and you can't really see the entire image.

Here's a slightly different angle, just to show you that duochrome effect of the nail polish.

And here's the polish. It's called Fresh Cover Cat Eyes. First of all, I must mention that this is a swatch of the polish layered over black. The polish itself is very sheer, even though it doesn't look like so in the bottle. I was pretty bummed about that, because it is an insanely gorgeous polish. Nonetheless, it looks amazing on top of black. The duochrome effect goes from blue to purple. Pictured below - 2 coats over black.

Thanks for reading!

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