Tuesday, August 26, 2014

review: kkcenterhk full nail water decals

Hey everyone! 
Today's post is going to be all about these green gradient nail wraps that I got from  KKCenterHK.

The package contains 12 nail wraps and a small nail file to file off the excess. There are many different variations, but I decided to try out the gradient ones.

Once removed, you can see that all of the nail wraps are adhered to the sheet. There are no score lines, so that means that you will have to cut them by hand.

The tools you will need in order to apply the wraps are the following:

• the wraps
• a nail file and/or buffer
• scissors
• any tool that will help you smooth them out
• top coat

First off, you start by cutting each wrap. This process will take about 5 minutes. If you are not really capable of handling scissors (like me), you probably will end up with crooked edges :) I'd suggest leaving just a bit less than 1 mm space around the wrap and you will be okay. Then, you just need to choose the right size for each finger and you're ready for application.

Afterwards, you want to dip your nail wrap in a small cup of water (or place it on a wet sponge). After a couple of seconds, the wrap will come of its backing and will be ready for application. I applied a thin layer of top coat underneath the wrap, even though it's not written in the instructions, because when I tried without a base layer it wouldn't stick at all. After you smooth the wrap on your nail, the instructions say to apply a top coat. However, the top coat that I used crinkled the wraps and they didn't turn out nice looking :( Not applying top coat is also not an option, mostly because the wraps are really thin and they will chip in a couple of hours tops.

You get a nice looking dark green to light green gradient, but unfortunately in order to get the full gradient you need to have really long nails.

Even with a nice top coat, the wraps don't last too long, you'll get chips here and there and overall they are way to thin to be handled.

What I really loved about them is they can be removed really easy with a bit of polish remover. It says on the packaging that they are made with 100% polish, so when you remove them, instead of getting little pieces of plastic or whatnot, they disintegrate with the help of your polish remover.

• great variety of designs
• application is moderately easy
• they don't leave sticky residues once removed
• can be removed using regular polish remover

• slight sizing issues with each piece - you may need to trim them down
• crinkling after application of top coat - might be my mistake, though
• the wraps aren't scored, so you have to cut them by hand
• they don't last too long

Overall, my opinion is a bit here and there about this product. They have a couple of minor issues that when combined, make these wraps a bit difficult to handle, especially if you are looking for an easy manicure that looks good. They didn't look too bad even when they crinkled, but like I previously mentioned that might have been my mistake.
If you want to try them for yourself and see if they work, you can get these water decals here for $3.70. You can see the other designs here.

You can get 10% off your order over at KKCenterHK using the code: "iloveprettycolours".

KKcenterhk125x125jpg banner

The product was sent to me for review. However, my opinion is 100% honest and is not affected by this.

Thanks for reading :)

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