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avon ultra bold lipsticks: swatches & review

Hey everyone!

As this huge header-thingy that I made suggests, today I'm going to review the new Avon Ultra Bold Lipsticks. I have all 15 shades that are available here, but you should check where you live as I'm not completely sure whether there are other shades as well.
So, if you're interested in these lipsticks and want to find out what I think about them, please keep on reading.

1. Pink Starburst - Very light baby pink with a cool undertone. Very pigmented, but slightly streaky. Not a color that I would normally wear since it doesn't suit my skintone, but great quality nonetheless.
2. Fearless Fuchsia - Bright and neon-y fuchsia, again with a cooler undertone. Very bright, vivid and pigmented. Creamy finish.
3. Hi-Def Plum - This one is quite similar to Fearless Fuchsia, but it's less neon and slighlty darker. I don't think that it's much of a plum shade as the name suggests. Creamy finish and very pigmented.
4. Power Plum - Compared to Hi-Def Plum this one is a truer plum shade. This one is one of my favorites. Again, very pigmented and creamy.

L-R: Pink Starburst, Fearless Fuchsia, Hi-Def Plum, Power Plum

5. Berry Bold - True red with a cool undertone. Very pigmented and creamy. This one is the reddest of the bunch.
6. Ruby Shock - Just a hint lighter of Berry Bold, there isn't really much of a difference, except for the hint of warmth this lipstick gives. Creamy finish.
7. Red Extreme - Again, very similar to the previous two. Red Extreme has a hint of orange in between all that redness :) Pigmented and creamy.
8. Coral Burst - I could definitely classify this one as an red orange. Although it looks very similar to Red Extreme, it's definitely noticeable that this one is more orange.

Note: All of the above will stain your lips and skin as they are very pigmented.

L-R: Berry Bold, Ruby Shock, Red Extreme, Coral Burst

9. Peony Pop - A very bright rose lipstick. This one is very pretty, but unfortunately doesn't look good on my skintone whatsoever. The finish is creamy and the pigmentation is incredible, but it is very streaky and hard to apply.
10. Bright Nectar - A lovely orange with a hint of pink. Same problem with streaking as Peony Pop.
11. Rapid Rose - A vintage rose shade. Very pigmented and creamy.
12. Mauve Extreme - A rosy mauve shade. I must say that it feels kind of similar. Avon has plenty of other lipsticks with the same color, opacity and texture, so I feel like they could have skipped this collection. Very pigmented and creamy.

L-R: Peony Pop, Bright Nectar, Rapid Rose, Mauve Extreme

13. Bare Impact - Warm toned nude shade. I love this one because it's almost an exact match to my natural lip color.
14. Max Mocha - A medium coffee brown shade. Not a huge fan of this kinds of lipsticks, as they tend to make you look quite older.
15. Bold Bordeaux - Another one of my favorites. A dark blood red lipstick, perfect for fall. 
16. My natural lips for comparison.

L-R: Bare Impact, Max Mocha, Bold Bordeaux
• a beautiful range of colors - from fun and bright spring/summer shades to darker and warmer fall/winter ones
• very pigmented
• creamy and moisturizing

• most of the red shades cause staining
• the brighter shades are a bit streaky

Overall, I would absolutely recommend these lipsticks. The color payoff is insanely good for such a cheap lipstick and they truly live up to their name. They don't dry out your lips and feel really soft and creamy. The only real complaint I have is about the red shades - they are far too similar. So, unless you're someone that only wears red lipstick and therefore needs 20 different shades of red, I wouldn't really bother buying more than one of the red colors from this line.

That's about it. If you have any questions and you feel like I haven't included an important information about the lipsticks, feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading!

I'm not being sponsored to write this post. The product was purchased by me and this is my 100% honest opinion.


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