Saturday, November 1, 2014

royal floral

Hey everyone!
Not too long ago I ordered a new stamping set called Spring. I couldn't find any information about it, whether it was worth the money etc. I kind of decided to risk it and I'm glad I did. I ended up with a stamping set of 25 pieces that has Bundle Monster/Konad quality. Now, some of the images are, unfortunately, copied from other makers, but I kind of expected it considering that it's a Chinese maker.

Since I don't usually do a review on the whole entire set, I'm going to mention it whenever I use it and if you're interested in it you can search in on the tag "spring stamping" on my blog.

I have to be honest - this is one of my absolute favorite manicures I've created so far.

I added a matte top coat since I thought that it would look even better and I wasn't wrong at all :)

Used products:
• Golden Rose Rich Color 27 (base)
• Rimmel London Rock Republic (stamping)
• Spring 10 (stamping plate)
• Golden Rose Matte Top Coat

Golden Rose Rich Color 27 is a rich royal purple creme. The swatch below shows one single coat of the polish, which of course places this lovely purple in my top polishes of the year :) The application is nice and even. I love their Maxi Brush because it coats my entire nail with one to two strokes. Dries fast.

Thanks for reading!

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