Friday, January 30, 2015

empties #9

Hey everyone!
I haven't done an Empties post in a while and that's because I've been trying to "collect" as much products as I can and then do a couple of Empties posts.

Blackberries Hand Cream by Yves Rocher

This hand cream is what dreams are made of! First of all, it smells delightful and so fresh and yummy. The formula is my new favorite. I thought I liked thick hand creams until I witnessed the beauty of Yves Rocher's hand creams :) It's runnier than usual, but that makes it so much easier to get absorbed into the skin. It leaves your soft and moisturized without making you incapable of handling just about anything in the following 30 minutes. I love it! :)

Turkish Thermal Purifying Black Soap by Planet Spa (Avon)

I was very intrigued when I bought this product, simply because I haven't used a black soap before. I found it really fun actually, the way it turned everything a dark greyish color. I didn't use it by itself because it made my skin a bit dry. I used it before I applied shower gel and since it contains tiny little grains it doubled as a peeling, which I loved. I used it on my face whenever I had breakouts and it really helped, at least for me.

Spiced Orange & Ginger Body Lotion by Avon Naturals

This body lotion smelled amazing, but I rarely use up body lotions, simply because I'm too lazy to apply them regularly. There isn't anything special to be said about its formula, because it's your regular ol' body lotion. I will admit that I mixed it with a bit of sugar and made myself a DIY body scrub :)

Spiced Orange & Ginger Body Spray by Avon Natural

Unlike most of Avon's body sprays that you can pretty much wear throughout the year, this one felt a bit too wintery to wear in the spring or summer, so I've had it for a year now and I finally used it up. Lovely and fresh smell. I sometimes sprayed it on my pillow and it made me so cozy during the night :)

Instant Repair Conditioner by Advance Techniques (Avon)

My hair isn't too damaged (even though I haven't had a haircut in a while, yikes!), but I still picked this conditioner and I think that it was right for me. I used a pea sized amount and it still made my hair grease up really quickly. It made it soft and lovely, but I'm not going to wash my hair every day because of a heavy conditioner... And for some reason, this is one of the conditioners that makes my hair shed (is this even the right word?) faster. I mean, it's not falling off, but whenever I comb it after washing it, I end up with a ball of hair in my hands.

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