Sunday, February 1, 2015

empties #10: throwaways edition

Hey everyone!
This is my 10th empties post and I decided to make it special by writing about 5 products that I didn't want to use anymore because they were pretty much horrible.

Rockey Volum Express Mascara by Maybelline

Maybelline's mascaras seem to be the most horrible for me. I know that people love them, but my eyes are just too sensitive for the formula. Whenever I apply a Maybelline mascara, my eyes get red and watery and it just doesn't look pretty at all :( I did have other issues with this mascara, though. I absolutely hate the wand. It's too bulky and the bristles are too short in my opinion. I kept ending up with so much product on my lashes, that it didn't even dry in the end. 

Maximum Definition Volume Mascara by Essence

I stopped using this one because it gives more lenght than volume. I already have pretty long lashes and I don't need them to be any longer. The formula isn't too long lasting, it smudges easily and, like the Maybelline mascara, it irritated my eyes.

Extend Extreme Mascara by Avon

Don't be fooled by the faded lettering. I used this mascara so little, that I'm a bit sad for throwing it away. The bristles were too thick for me and it ended up clumping my lashes into a nasty spiderweb that I did not want.

Black/White Twin Kajal by S-he Stylezone

Don't you just hate it when you buy an eye pencil and you can't sharpen it because the stupid wooden part keeps breaking? Sorry, but I didn't feel like stabbing my eye with a splinter of wood. The black part was average, but the white was so pigmented. It's really sad that it didn't work for me.

All About Matt Loose Powder by Essence

I kind of had a love/hate relationship with this one. My problem was that the consistency was changed. I've used this product from Essence before they changed it, and silly me for thinking that they'd only change the packaging. In my opinion, the powder wasn't as fine and it made me a bit white. I know that it doesn't say translucent on the packaging, but I just assumed that it would be the same as before :(

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