Friday, March 20, 2015

born pretty store lipstick

Hey everyone!
Today I have a really fun product to show you. Recently, I found this lipstick from BornPrettyStore and naturally I got excited and bought it straight away. It's called Balm and while it had a different number on itself, you can find in on the site as #3.

At first glance it looks black and you will probably need to place it under direct light to see even the slightest hint of color. Packaging wise, it's not the best looking lipstick, but it's not bat at all. Mine was really well wrapped, but the lid was a bit cracked, so I guess it was the manufacturer's fault. I don't really mind this, as long as the cap is staying in its place.

Once you apply it, you'll start to see its true beauty. It takes two or three full swipes on the lips to get it as dark as it gets, but even with only one coat it looks amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the texture. It's very smooth and creamy and glides on like a dream. You have to be careful, naturally, after all it is a dark lippie. This is how it looks like during daylight, but at night it looks pretty much black. I'd describe the color as a deep burgundy with the slightest hint of purple.

Even though it's really creamy, it's not too shiny on the lips, which is always a plus for me and it's not drying and cracking.

As usual, natural lips for comparison.

You can check it out on the following link: 1Pc Shimmer Lip Stick Dark Red Purple Natural Cream Moisture Gloss 5 Colors

It retails for $1.99 which is a bargain truly and overall I'm pretty impressed by it.

Thanks for reading!

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