Saturday, March 14, 2015

eveline uv top coat

Hello everyone! 
Today I'll show you a very interesting product. I got it for my birthday six months ago and tried it out right away, but as usual I'm so late with my posts...

The title of this post is quite misleading, as is the name of the product. It's not a UV top coat that you cure under a UV light, but rather a UV reactive top coat. That means that once exposed to UV rays (whether it's the sun or a UV light) it gets a blue/purple glow.

I don't think that it's an everyday top coat, but you could pull off interesting manicures with it.

I figured it was best to picture it on a white base, so you can see the color change. It's not drastic, but it is present. Overall, this is one of those polishes that are pretty to showcase, but not really use too much.

What do you think about this polish? Would you use it?

Thanks for reading!

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