Thursday, April 23, 2015

empties #12

Hey everyone!
Today I'm back with another bunch of emptied products, some of these were long gone, but I had to get to work and tidy up my cosmetics drawer in order to check what's good or not and see how many products there are. Also, since I did a bit of a room reorganization I had to find a new spot where I could photograph the products without them looking bad. Without further ado, here are the empties for today...

50's Forever Hand Cream by Balea

This special edition hand cream was the bomb. Never in my life have I finished a hand cream so fast. First of all, the scent is gorgeous - a light cherry note, not too overwhelming and really refreshing. It made my hands really soft and got absorbed really fast. I would repurchase it a million times if it wasn't sold out every time I visited dm, so I ended up not buying another one. A thing worth mentioning is that it is a bit expensive for the size.

Dead Sea Minerals Foot Cream by Avon

I don't really have much to say about this product. I used it once or twice, hated the scent and didn't use it any further. I'm not really into foot cremes. The best before date had passed, so it had to go :)

Face Cleansing Tonic by Balea

I kind of had a love-hate thing going on with this product. On one side, it really cleansed my face from all the dirty stuff (especially during the winter when we had plenty of fog), but on the other side I really hated it because it left a sticky residue on my face no matter the amount I used. The scent was pretty refreshing, so I guess that's another positive side. Probably wouldn't repurchase though.

Face Cleansing Mask by Alverde

I think that this one had clay in it. I'm not sure, but am I glad that I got this travel sized package. It smelled awful. I liked what it did to my face, but the scent is just appalling.

Essence Quick Dry Top Coat

This one was one of my most used top coats in the beginning of my "nail career". Overall, it's a pretty good top coat if you're looking for something that dries pretty quickly. The one thing I didn't really like about this one is that it applies very thinly and you have to add 2-3 coats to get it really smooth.

Seche Vite

I won't blabber about how I freaking love Seche Vite, because I've already done it once. I'm just adding this here because I finished my second bottle :)

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