Wednesday, April 29, 2015

empties #13

Hey everyone!
Like I mentioned in the previous post, I had so many things to throw away or had spent, that I will have a few Empties post (almost) in a row. This post is a lot of Avon oriented and I apologize if you expect some diversity :(

Skin So Soft Dual Oil Spray by Avon

This product turned out to be a really nice one. It smelled really soft and when applied it made my skin really soft. I guess it really lives up to its name. You have to shake it up a bit, because it is a bi-phased oil product. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that it tastes really bad. And before you think I consume my beauty products, it accidentally got on my tongue while I was applying it and it was horrible. I already repurchased another one and I'll try not to taste it this time :)

Vanilla Body Whip by Avon

I love, love, love vanilla scented stuff. Except this one. But not because of the scent. I just didn't like the texture too much. It left a sticky residue on my skin that seemed to linger on for a while.

Foot Works Deep Moisture Cream by Avon

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'm not really into foot cremes. I'm either too lazy to apply them or just simply forget until their best before date is over. This one smelled really nice and made my feet really warm and tingly, which helped during the winter days, but I did only apply it a few times and ended up throwing it out in the end.

Shea Butter Foot and Elbow Cream with AHA by Avon

This is yet another foot cream, but in reality I used it for my epically dry elbows and sometimes even hands. I found it really helpful during springtime when I got some bumps caused by allergies or whatnot. And, it smells divine. So, overall it's a pretty nifty cream to own if you're prone to dry skin and you don't have to use it on your feet.

Dead Sea Minerals Hand Cream by Avon

Threw it away because couldn't stand the scent. So nauseating.

Bi-Phase Oil Make Up Remover by Alverde

This is another repurchased product and I don't normally post about (other than the second bottle of Seche Vite last time), but I did this time because my opinion kind of changed about this product. I started to hate the scent and the fact that I had to wash my face after removing my make up made me hate it even more because I'm lazy and I just really can't wait to go to bed after a long day at uni or after going out. 

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