Saturday, April 25, 2015

swatches: golden rose

Hey everyone!
Today I'll show you swatches from five new Golden Rose polishes that I got recently.

First off is Golden Rose Rich Color 14. This one is sort of a fuchsia, but not too bright as it tends to be. I don't know if deep fuchsia is a color, but it is now and that's what I think of this polish. I needed a single coat for the swatch, it has great opacity and applies really smoothly. Creme finish.

Golden Rose Rich Color 37 is a slightly muted orange creme. I'd say that this one is a typical orange color, the type that you'd get if you're starting your collection and you want to have each of every color :) Two coats for the photo. Even though it's a creme like 14 it dries shinier.

Golden Rose Rich Color 63 is a bright pink creme. Its formula is the same as 37 and it needed two coats to get fully opaque. It did look a bit brighter when I photographed it and my camera went a bit nuts as it does with brighter shades.

Golden Rose Color Expert 60 is a black creme polish. It is a bit sheer and not completely opaque in one coat. Not my favorite black polish because I do like more opaque ones. It is a bit streaky, too.

Golden Rose Color Expert 69 is a warm gold foil. I haven't tried stamping with it, but I imagine it will do well. Opaque in 2 coats.

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