Thursday, May 7, 2015

empties #14

Hey everyone!
Today I have another Empties post for you. I think that this one will be the last one, at least until I finish some more products :) This one, like the previous, will be kind of Avon oriented because I just had so many products from Avon that had to go.

Banana and Dark Chocolate 24h Protection Hand Balm by Essence

I wanted to begin this post with something really beautiful - and this hand cream is it. Other than the fact that it made my hands really moisturized and soft, the main thing that I loved it about is the smell. It smells absolutely divine. I love hand creams that smell like sweets and it's just amazing. I have so much hand creams to finish and that's the only reason why I didn't buy another one.

Thailand Lotus Flower Body Souffle by Avon

I mentioned in the previous post that I don't like the consistency of these sort of whipped/body souffle type products. The packaging size is way too small for it to be a body product. I think that I used it once or twice and it got nearly empty. It smelled pretty nice, but I won't be repurchasing because it had a sticky formula and you have to wait ages for it to dry.

African Shea Butter Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream by Avon

Last time I showed you a little tube packaging with this product. I think it's the same, but it doesn't really have the same exact name. It smells really nice and it made my dry elbows like brand new :) I would definitely recommend it if you have a dry skin problem.

Revitacool Base Coat by Avon

I wasn't too big of a fan of this base coat. It had some ingredients that made it smell weird and it was just too harsh for my nose. I noticed that the brush bristles turned yellow and it kind of made me wary not to use it on my fingernails. I finished it when I needed a sticky base for some DIY projects. It did pretty average as a base coat - nothing really special for the price.

Dead Sea Minerals Smoothing Facial Gel by Avon

Thankfully this one is the last from the dead sea collection that I had and I'm glad that it's gone. I just absolutely couldn't stand the smell and I wasn't going to put it anywhere near my face. I used it once or twice before shower, so that I can remove the harsh smell of my face as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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