Sunday, May 3, 2015

swatches: essence

Hey everyone!
Today I'm going to show you two toppers by Essence that I got as a gift a long time ago.

 Essence Pixie Dust is a topper consisted of tons of pink flecks suspended in an iridescent base. It looks amazing even on its own, but I swatched it over Golden Rose Rich Color 14. The formula is a bit runny for me personally, but if you apply a little bit at a time you won't have any problems. This is a polish that's not meant to be worn on its own, therefore I applied a single coat for the swatch.

Essence I Feel Gritty is a sand effect topper that's meant to make any of your nail polishes look textured and have a sandy finish. It has a bit of a sparkle in it, too. To be honest, when I saw it I grabbed it instantly, mainly because I went crazy with the textured polishes and they are by far one of my favorites even now when the trend is kind of fading away. But this polish didn't seem to dry at all. If I applied a thinner coat, it would drag my base and if I applied a thicker one it never dried. Overall, I'm really disappointed. Pictured below, one coat over Golden Rose Rich Color 63.

Thanks for reading!

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