Tuesday, June 30, 2015

forgotten notds

Hey everyone!
Today I'll show you three NOTDs that I've either forgotten to post or just weren't the quality that I look for when creating a manicure.

I'll begin with the most recent. For this NOTD I started with a white base. Using the dry brush  method, I created strokes using a lavender and pastel yellow polish. Once these coats were dry, I used a black polish and stamped zig-zag lines using plate BM-423.

For the second NOTD, once again I started of with a white base, but this time I used a matte polish. I stamped an image from the plate BP-42 using a matte black polish.

The third and last NOTD is kind of a nail fail. I really don't like the way it turned out, but I was kind of inspired by other nail bloggers that post their fails once in a while just to show that you can't always get it right :) I used a vibrant yellow as a base and stamped an image from plate BP-L004 using black.

Thanks for reading!

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