Thursday, July 2, 2015

empties #16

Hey everyone!
I promise this is the last Empties post that I'll be posting in a while :)

Aqua Effect Mattifying Day Cream by Nivea

Nivea product have always suited my skin and this cream did the same exact thing. I love the fact that it's packaged in a jar rather than a tube because I never seem to get everything out of the tubes. It has a nice refreshing scent that I liked, especially in the lazy winter mornings. I didn't repurchase because I started using another cream in the meantime.

Moisture Match Mattifying Fresh Cream by Garnier

I bought this cream because I wanted a cheaper replacement for my Nivea one. However, it didn't really mattify my skin, even though I have problems on my T-zone. It felt quite heavy and kind of like it didn't really get absorbed well. I won't be repurchasing for sure.

Pomegranate & Mango Scented Spray by Avon

It felt weird that the last Empties post didn't have one of these, but here it is again. I feel like I'm going a bit crazy for them, but I just love them so much. This is actually my second bottle of the same scent that I've used up and I've written in a previous Empties post. It's very fresh and tropical, just perfect for summer.

Dry Shampoo by Balea

This is another product that I've used up yet again. I wanted to give it another chance, but I just can't seem to fall in love with it. It has a really nice smell and refreshes the hair, but I feel like more of the products ends up on my lungs than on my hair. I'm absolutely done with it and I don't plan to buy it again.

Cherry Baby Lips by Maybelline

Ever since we got Baby Lips here in Macedonia, I fell into the craze. I felt like people were overhyping this product, but the balms are really nice. They are pricier compared to other ones available on the market, but they are just perfect for me. I have two others which I haven't used up yet. This one smells really nice and fresh. It is tinted and leaves the slightest dark pink tint on the lips and makes them look really healthy. I would definitely buy it again and again.

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