Friday, July 31, 2015

garnet nails (steven universe)

Hey everyone!
Today's post is dedicated to one of my all time favorite animated shows - Steven Universe. I just freaking love it! If you're into animated shows, you should start watching this show ASAP! My favorite character is the crystal gem called Garnet, so I based my manicure around her.

Used products:
• Avon Red Wine (true red)
• Kleancolor Coffee (brick red)
• Golden Rose Color Expert 02 (white)
• Golden Rose Color Expert 60 (black)
• OPI Suzi's Hungary Again (medium pink)
• P2 Being In Heaven (lightest pink)
• Seventeen Supreme 50 (darkest red)

This is what the character looks like on the show. I think I did her justice pretty well :)

I got this pot of mixed size, shape and color nail art decorations from BornPrettyStore and just as I noticed the large red ones, I got the inspiration for this manicure. I will talk about this product in general, but some facts may vary since it is a pot of mixed decorations after all. In general, you get at least two of the same gems which makes it perfect if you want to have symmetrical manicures. Their size varies, the smallest are around 2-3mm in the shape of a regular rhinestone, while the largest are up to 6-7mm in different shapes. You also get a pretty nice variety of color, which is always a good thing :) Since the rhinestones can be larger, I would definitely recommend using nail glue to stick them on the nail, if you want them to last longer. Other than that, I'm really satisfied with this product. Lastly, as always don't put top coat over the gem itself, because it will lose its shine. I love the fact that you get plenty of decorations for just $0.99.

A few close-ups of the gem itself. It lies flat on the nail, but when it comes to the larger ones, you might have a harder time with the application.

If you have curved nails, you might experience problems such as lifting of one of the edges.

You can the decorations out on the following link:
Mixed decorations (0.99) - 1mm-10mm Mixed Bowknot Nail Studs Resin Colorful 3D Nail Decoration For UV Gel Nail Art 
You can use my coupon code - SJ10K31 for 10% off your order.

Born Pretty Nail Art

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Some of the products were sent to me for review. However, my opinion will always be 100% honest.

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